In providing our services of business consulting, facility management and real estate management, we apply complex approach, which fully takes into account your company profile, health, safety, environmental and human rights effects. In this regard, Smart Links delivers solid support for your company’s strive towards excellence and best performance. Look no other for complex and effective proposal-based solutions to satisfy all manner of your requirements. Depending on needs, we target to improve any tangible asset that supports your company such as real estate property, buildings, technical infrastructure, lighting, transport, IT infrastructure services, furniture, other user-specific equipment and appliances. To ensure that our solutions are most effective and well targeted we continuously strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and enhance the timing of service delivery.


Technical Maintenance

  • Equipment procurement
  • Regular, preventive equipment maintenance and improvement
  • Installation of devices for energy saving and reduction of harmful emissions
  • Optimization of building maintenance costs
  • Availability of a wide network of qualified technical service vendors

Security Services

  • Manned guarding
  • Key holding and alarm response
  • Electronic security management
  • Mobile patrol services and transportation
  • Door and space supervision
  • Security management consultants
  • Control access and parking management
  • Intervention and fire safety: fire extinguishers, hydrants, and safety signs

Administrative Services

  • Reception desk operation
  • Meeting rooms management and maintenance
  • Help desk operation 24/7
  • Postal services
  • Key and card management
  • Fleet services
  • Archive and records service
  • Printing and copying services
  • Supply management

Cleaning And Related Services

  • Indoor and outdoor cleaning
  • Outdoor areas maintenance during winter
  • Landscaping and lawn maintenance
  • Waste management (collection, sorting, and disposal)
  • Prevention, detection and destruction of harmful insects and rodents
Your clean and hygienic environment is our goal, and it goes to the heart of our belief that we can become your most reliable partner in achieving this goal.


We have established nation-wide network of Catering service providers that can provide you with the most effective solutions to your needs and create excellent food environment, ranging from restaurants, canteens, or cafes. While benefitting from our catering services, you can use both single, targeted, but also complex FM solutions where catering services find their place in a wider proposal, based on mutual consent and consultation.

Energy Management

  • Energy systems audit and asset tracking
  • Improving the ability to input energy usage and costs
  • Integration energy operation with facilities management software
  • Reporting and analysis of energy usage data
Smart Links FM specializes in providing intelligent solutions to our clients, we ensure that they have access to and benefit from the latest lighting technology in the market.

Fire Safety Services

  • Fire detection and alarm systems’ maintenance
  • Emergency escape systems service and maintenance
  • Fire hydrants service and maintenance
  • Fire safety consulting (abidance by laws)
  • Maintenance of fire safety records as required by law
A regime of periodic testing and maintenance will be established to meet regulatory requirements, regular tests of the fire safety systems and equipment will be carried out and dully recorded in your fire safety log-book.

Other Specialized Services

  • Office management
  • Internal and external courier services
  • Storage services
  • Office movement facilitation (within the Republic of Moldova)

Drupal Support and Maintenance

  • Telephone, email and online support
  • Security and Drupal Core updates
  • Account management and technical consultancy
  • Monthly account reports
  • Maintenance of managed hosting
  • Pro-active notifications of new technologies
  • Google Analytics reports and recommendations

Drupal eCommerce

  • Content and functionality migration
  • Integrated Site Search - Apache Solr, search optimization
  • Theming - Custom themes, mobile, adaptive, responsive: One website, many devices
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Social media integration
  • On-line shop selling wares
  • Booking system for hotels and apartments to rent

Drupal Development

  • Corporate websites
  • Conference and events management
  • Social platforms
  • Websites for schools and universities
  • Websites for real estates brokers
  • E-learning platforms
  • Technical architecture review
  • Functional specifications

Drupal Design & Theming

  • User Experience Design
  • Audience Journeys
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Intelligent Information Architecture
  • Adaptive and Responsive Architecture and Design
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Animation/HTML5

HR Consulting Services

  • Obtaining work and residence permits for expatriates
  • Visa support
  • HR due diligence
  • HR records registration, maintenance and storage
  • HR records drafting and recovery
  • Ensuring abidance by national labor law

Legal Consulting Services

  • Drafting of contracts and other legal documents
  • Complex legal assistance
  • Real estate transaction support
  • Legal due diligence
  • Corporate finance management advice
  • Tax and customs advice
  • Advice on registration, licensing, reorganization and liquidation of entities
  • Representation of clients in disputes 

Real Estate Management

  • Administrative and Operational Management
  • Corporate Finance Management
  • Technical Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Building Improvement and Refurbishment
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Communication and Public Relations
  • Grounds Maintenance

The importance of the Facility Management (FM) services resides in streaming and facilitating the functionality of your building, but also of your business, allowing you to concentration on your core activities. Having great experiences in FM service delivery, we combine effective solutions with your specific needs. We have teams all across the country, delivering service both locally, but also nation-wide.

Thus, we provide complex proposal-based solutions on how best to integrate and optimize processes within your company to maintain and develop services leading to improving the effectiveness of your primary activities. The profile of our support is two-fold. Firstly, we focus on improving space and infrastructure, such as design, workplace, technical maintenance (air conditioning, electric power, plumbing and lighting systems), cleaning, decoration, reception, landscaping and security. Secondly, we target to improve work and occupational satisfaction of employees and optimize internal organization such as HR, marketing, hospitality, leisure and team building activities. In delivering our FM services, we aim at building safe, secure and sound operational environment, preserving and raising the value of your assets by striving to anticipate and fix a problem before it escalates. Our comfort lies in knowing that your employees are spending less time in solving office maintenance problems and more interacting with your customers. We will take the mountain of all your paperwork for facilities and consolidate them in one monthly and easy to understand invoice.

We always target the best solution for your firm by combining effective service delivery, based on continuous communication, and your specific needs. We strive for keeping your business environment:

  • Clean and safe – proving cleaning and security services
  • Friendly and fulfilled – providing reception, team-building and catering services
  • Performant and optimized – providing ultimate technology, maintenance and estate services
  • Environmentally friendly – providing energy saving and recycling services

Please get in touch to find out how we can help you to achieve ultimate performance in your business and save unnecessary costs.

In order to facilitate the operation of your business, streamline and improve capital budgeting decision-making we provide you with a complex business and legal advice. It relates to various aspects of your business activity such as firms establishment, share capital requirements, registration, licensing, forms of foreign capital and legal forms of business incorporation, authorizations, bookkeeping, audit, employment, trading, pre-shipment inspection, customs clearance, pricing, competition and state aids, privatization, protection of foreign and local investors, investment guarantees, taxation, market for corporate securities.

We also offer solid support in real estate transactions, and in legal issues linked to tax and customs such as corporate tax, personal income tax, tax treaties and withholding taxes, VAT, customs duties, social insurance contributions, tax regime and registration guarantees

Our real estate management services focus on operation and oversight of real estate property. They target all life cycle stages of a property, including acquisition, control, maintenance, utilization and disposition. Our real estate management consultants will provide you with the most effective solutions in managing acquired property, equipment, tooling and physical capital assets for maximizing real estate functionality and market value. In order to optimize your capital investment decisions in real estate, we are competent enough to provide you with the latest industry knowledge, including local laws and regulations, and small enough to care about you and your specific property needs.

We acknowledge the importance of landscaping excellence for both commercial premises and residential housing sector. In cases where the garden area is a focal point, grounds maintenance is very important. We want to ensure you that we have necessary staff and equipment to take care of your real estate at the highest standard available in the market for both contractual and reactive scenarios, irrespective of the complexity of your needs.